Cold weather home safety tips

Cold weather home safety tips

    As the weather turns dangerously cold in my neck of the woods, there are some very important things to consider and remember. What if the power goes out. What if you cannot leave the house for days. It is important to be prepared and keep these tips in mind to keep you and your family safe during this cold weather.

1- Set fan on furnace to “on” to circulate air.

2- Pull all curtains and blinds shut in order to keep heat in.

3- Close doors to rooms that are not used, as long as there is not plumbing in them.

5- Make sure heating vents are not covered by furniture etc.

6- Check propane tank to make sure you have plenty of gas, this includes propane grills as you can cook if power loss occurs.

7-Leave cabinet doors under kitchen and bathroom sinks open in extreme cold to help prevent frozen pipes.

8- Avoid overloading electrical circuits with electric heaters, we recommend infrared heaters as they are not a fire hazard .

9- Be careful with fireplaces that haven’t been used or chimneys that have not been cleaned.

10- Make sure your heating equipment has been serviced annually.

11- Block off unused fireplaces, because they can suck the heat out.

12- Stay in contact with family and friends.

13- Set up a plan for shelter if you were to lose power.

14- If you have a generator, make sure it runs and that you have gas.

15- Make sure your cars and trucks are fully fueled.

16- Check on elderly as it is difficult for them during harsh weather

  Stay safe and warm during this winter. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me anytime at:

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